Module 4:
A topic that I'm interested that related to "Egypt Social Relations". society, people, woman, men, children, marriage, siblings. blood, law.

Egyptian men and woman roles.

I chose this subject because I feel like people misconstrue Egyptian men and woman social relations, especially in marriage and household, and that all people are of one religion and act one way. Social Relations is really social archeology because it it how was relate to each other at any point in time. Many people would be surmised that since the 1970's, Egyptian woman have increased total hours of of non-agricultural work like education and even medicine, thought to only be a mans job. According to an article on Wikipedia, Woman accounted for 12 percent of all industrial workers. Overtime, woman status in social relations is increased, giving woman more of a voice. Even though segregation does exist and woman are still are covering themselves for then men, woman social relationships with men are becoming stronger and more important in Egyptian society.

Kerma: The Rise of An African Civilization:

First Sentence:

The floodplains along the Nile constitute an important but as yet little utilized series of laboratories for the comparative study of the origins and interaction of ancient civilizations.