For better, for worse: the marriage crisis that made modern Egypt By Hanan Kholoussy

The article is from the book by Kholoussy. The specific chapter, chapter 4 "Deterring Divorce, Modernizing Marriage" basically explains Egypt wanting to make marriage more permanent and keep civil unions united. They don't want the high divorce rat to be a factor in daily lives. Marriages, Egyptians feel, should be more sturdy and more permanent. By promotion of marriage and less accepting of divorces, Egypt wants to sear away from western views on marriage/divorce, making it harder to get one. Taking marriage lightly seems wrong to them, as would anyone else but Egyptian legislation feels very strongly and wants to and has come up with strategies and steps to make marriage more valid.

Brother-Sister and Father Daughter Marriage in Ancient Egypt

Marring sisters, brother etc was the norm of life in most of Ancient Egypt. Evidence of marriage between brothers, sisters, fathers, daughters is discussed. In the Pharaonic period, the Egyptian kings sometimes married their sisters or half sisters and sometimes, daughters. In the Ptolemaic period many of the kings married their sisters or half sisters, but there is no evidence of such marriages among the commoners. During Roman rule, however, there is very strong evidence that brother-sister marriages occurred among commoners probably used as a means of maintaining the property of the family and preventing the "splintering"of the estates through laws of inheritance.